10 Ways to Spot a British Backpacker in Australia

A more substantial post about my final week in Sydney is on its way, I’ll be finishing it off on the long bus journey to Woolgoolga tomorrow night. In the mean time, here are a few silly observations from the last month to keep you going!

> We will most likely be sporting some painful sun burn.

> When the conversation turns to ‘thongs’ we will instinctively react with a little giggle.

> We’re unimpressed and confused by the Australian attempt at queuing. Standing in a group and facing in the same direction is not a queue, it’s a crowd.

> When given a free hotdog and soft drink at the Australia Day BBQ by The Rocks, we reacted with disbelief and uncertainty. After having finally established that there really wasn’t a catch, our distrust transformed into almost tearful gratitude.

> We say ‘thank you’ to shop keepers before leaving their premises, even if we’ve only crossed the threshold for 5 seconds before realising that we’ve entered by accident. If we’re not acknowledged, we will be a little hurt that our appreciation wasn’t appreciated.

> We want a pint, not a schooner.

> Point to something near our foot with an expression of horror on your face and we will scream and jump about a foot in the air, convinced that our fear of being eaten alive by spiders and snakes has finally come true.

> We didn’t believe that ‘Tim Tams’ were actually any better than ‘Penguins’ but now we do and we can’t stop eating them, drinking our tea through them and talking about them. ‘Vegemite’, however, is a poor man’s ‘Marmite’.

> We love the fact that the Aussie surfer’s word for ‘excited’ is ‘frothing’. It’s hilarious and we’re going to use it constantly.

> If you mention the cricket… just don’t mention the cricket. Please.


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