Paris, je t’aime. Every time I go back, my love grows!

With the megabus now providing budget trips across the channel, there really is no excuse to miss out. A return ticket can cost as little as £9 if you book far enough in advance! I also highly recommend checking out Airbnb for stylish, affordable accommodation – it’s like a souped up version of Couchsurfer. On my last visit I stayed in a beautiful Haussmann apartment in Montemartre; our host was lovely and made a real effort to facilitate as comfortable a stay as possible.

Here are a few photos from numerous visits spanning across the past 5 years.


New York

June 2011

This was a trip to belatedly celebrate my 18th and my mum’s 50th. We were there for 6 nights and squeezed in EVERYTHING we possibly could! I’d love to go back one day and have the chance to explore Brooklyn too.


June 2012

More travel snaps! This was such a fun trip, with 7 of my favourite friends.

We booked this 4 night holiday on a budget of £200 each (excluding spending money) as we were all struggling students at the time. It’s amazing how much you can get out of that if you’re willing to skimp a little bit on accommodation. We stayed in an award-winning hostel, Inner Hotel (approx £100 pp) and booked our flights with easyjet (£59 pp). Amsterdam is fairly expensive when you get there, but if you take advantage of pub/bar crawls and go in a larger group, you’ll find that you can save quite a lot of money. With student rates on most tourist attractions, it’s a great idea to make the most of your student status!


One of the things that excites me most about next year is the prospect of having the opportunity to take hundreds of photos. Travel photography is one of my favourite things to indulge in, whether taking the photos, or leafing through a coffee table book.

August 2011

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from my most recent trip to Seville (currently my favourite city).